Frequently asked questions

Monroe Bus Corp is a charter not a broker. This means we own our buses and rent them out to customers in need of a full service charter. Everything will be customized per your needs.
We are required by law to be insured. That said, we are extremely well-insured (to $5M) and can provide your party with a copy of insurance certificate. We can also provide a certificate naming your particular group as an additional insured party. Nothing is more important to us than our safety policies, which we enforce through regular maintenance of our fleet and insurance for our customers.
We require deposits and will also require payment-in-full prior to departure. Traditionally deposits range from 20%.
Because Monroe Bus Corp has our own buses, we can charge less than a broker who would likely mark-up the fees. We pass on the savings directly to the customers, providing opportunity for highly competitive price quotes.
Due to federal regulations, we have to provide our own drivers and they need to be within full compliance. But we also happen to be very proud of our staff and stand behind our drivers to be both highly professional and courteous.
Under the Department of transportation regulations (DOT) all carriers are required to ensure their drivers meet full standards of quality compliance. Our drivers all hold a current commercial driver’s license with passenger endorsement. Additionally, we’ve checked their driving record and enforce regular health and drug tests.
Subject to availability. It’s often difficult to schedule viewing ahead of your departure, since we can’t necessarily predict which particular bus you’ll be riding. That said we can assure you of the utmost attention to detail and maintenance and safety control. But most of the time we can show you the type of a bus you’ll be riding on.